NowShowing TV Guide

Here is the source for the NowShowing system, which I wrote for the OzTiVo group as a prototype for a system that would allow people to manage the guide data in a way that would make it independant of any single source. You can see it in action.

There was a point at which it seemed this might become more that just a prototype. But I'm going to be moving overseas and it's grown too big for me. This is the largest CGI program I've ever written and it's written terribly. I've learned a lot and next time I'll do it very differently.

A suppose long term I may come back to this, go and do it properly. But for the time being it's free for anyone else (under the terms of the GPL anyway).

The programs involved in this system are:

Or if you prefer a single tarball with everything (including database data)
nowshowing.tar.gz (6.7MB)

Todo list

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