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This page contains a list of the modules I have written for GAIM. They are:

Buddy Edit Module

A GAIM plugin that adds an edit to to buddies allowing you to change various details you can't normally change. It also provides a mechanism for subsequent plugins to add themselves to that dialog.

Buddy Language Module

A GAIM plugin that allows you to configure the language of the spelling control on the conversation screen on a per-contact basis.

Buddy Notes Module

A GAIM plugin the allows you to add notes to contacts which will be displayed in the conversation screen as well as the hover tooltip.

Buddy Timezone Module

A GAIM plugin that allows you to configure a timezone on a per-contact basis so it can display the localtime of your contact when a conversation starts. Convenient if you deal with contacts from many parts of the world.


Why no windows version?

Because I don't have windows. If someone has a windows compile environment and want to provide binaries, go right ahead. Note that, in any case, the timezone module won't work in Windows.


Source for version 0.2 (stable) can be downloaded here. Further instructions are contained within the README file.

Old version 0.1.

Some more recent development versions:

There is also a SourceForge tracker entry for these modules.

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